Heather and Lisa first met when they began working together in 2007 as colleagues in a boutique San Francisco architecture and design firm.  Their careers took different paths with Lisa working at a multidisciplinary firm, and continuing to hone her practice on a number of large-scale commercial interiors;  Heather shifted gears from the commercial realm to explore residential architecture with another small office specializing in high-end custom homes. They remained good friends, and when their individual aspirations of starting their own practice came to fruition, they found their professional paths convening again as partners of SHELTERWERK.

Heather Sanders-Jacob      Principal, Architect

Heather Sanders-Jacob, Principal, Architect
Heather’s practice has developed over 19 years of direct experience spanning a wide range of public and private work.  Her educational background includes a self-taught curriculum of the study of various architectural typologies seen throughout her travels at home and abroad, as well as formal study abroad in Scandinavia.  She completed her architectural degree at the University of Oregon before relocating to San Francisco in 1999.  Heather describes herself as being moved by cello music and expensive chocolate.  She's an average cook, likes long walks in sensible shoes, and riding her Ducati. 


Lisa Wai, Principal, Interior Designer
Lisa is a good listener and works closely with clients to design environments that are a reflection of their identity and culture.  While embracing the positive impacts that technology and current trends can have on a design, her primary focus is on the timeless marrying of beauty and function.  Lisa hails from the Midwest, graduating from Harrington College of Design with a BFA in Interior Design.  She began her career in Chicago and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006.  Outside of the office, Lisa is a nature-lover, a wannabe rock climber, green thumb, champion crafter and amateur violinist.  


Annie Hsu, Designer
Annie is fascinated by the relationship between architecture and people. She has developed a passion for crafting spaces that can adapt and relate to its users. She believes that attention to detail is what makes for unique, genuine 'human' spaces. Annie received her Interior Architecture degree from the University of Oregon and shares in the firm's pride of the local culture as a Bay Area native. In her spare time, Annie draws inspiration from her daily joys of venturing to local coffee shops, tasting new foods, and exploring the natural landscape. 


Aurora Morris, Designer
Aurora has been with Shelterwerk since 2013 and has played an integral part in our residential practice.  Influenced by her creative parents, Aurora has enjoyed 'making' since she was a small child and pursued an education in fine art before finding design. Each project is approached as a composition, attempting to create balance and interest in every space. In her free time, Aurora likes to make things at her local hacker space, explore the outdoors with her husband and go down long internet rabbit holes about tiny houses and alternative building techniques. Originally from Portland, she has been living in the Bay Area for nine years.


Jamielyn Odiamar, Designer
Born and raised in Chicago, Jamielyn has a deep appreciation for history and architecture. She’s been designing and creating interior spaces for over fifteen years and currently resides in Oakland. Jamielyn truly believes that great design affects everything from mobility to efficiency, so she looks at every project with functionality in mind.