San francisco, CA





Square Footage


Situated in a small, historic building off of San Francisco’s original waterfront is a concrete, brick and heavy timber building that houses the environmentally friendly and stylish cleaning projects maker, Method. Custom seating and a reception desk are meant to be evocative of the shape of their soap bottles designed by Karim Rashid, and the all-white interior is a testament to their commitment to cleanliness. Employee areas take up three floors and feature a colorful “super-plaid” carpet pattern and a room covered with artificial turf and floral cushions to serve as their “inside outside”. Method received LEED Certification with this project--an achievement that they were driven to pursue despite a tight budget and restrictive schedule.

Credits: Garcia Tamjidi Architecture & Design w/ Heather Sanders-Jacob, Merrcon General (Contractor), Sharon Risedorph (Photography)