truckee, CA





Square Footage


The owners of this residence wanted to transform their Tahoe second home from a quaint cottage into a modern retreat.  While the street façade of the building was left largely untouched, the rear is turned into a glassed-in portal through which to view the landscape.  The sprawling suburban development is a snapshot of the 60’s era in which the home originally was constructed, and the neighborhood takes a conservative approach to exterior changes.  Leaving the front relatively untouched and developing the rear of the structure was as much a political move as it was a budgetary one.  

Longing for the modernity of a flat roof, but located deep in snow country, the clients requested a unique solution to an everyday reality of Tahoe.  A sloped plane hovers forms one roof to shed snow, while the flat one lies beneath.  The ceiling of the living area below soars up to 15 feet, allowing the viewer from within to behold the verticality of the trees without.