Fremont, CA





Square Footage


This rear yard renovation took an exterior area and attempted to create various retreats and areas of interest around an existing pool.  The first challenge was to develop a dining area and create some much-needed shade when it was utilized during the day.  A wood/canvas canopy was designed and vertical trellis elements were built onto the side of the house to tie the concept together.  Space was at a premium with the pool taking up most of the usable area in the backyard, so the table was conceived as a banquette, built against an existing wall of the home.  

There were few existing plantings, save for a portion of bamboo along the rear fence.  Extending and filling in this wall of green allowed for some continuity in the botanical texture and provided a backdrop for other seating areas around the pool.  Additional drought-resistant foliage was added at intersections to soften the concrete edges found throughout the existing pool and house.  New color-integral concrete, a custom paver layout, and a fresh paint job on the exterior of the home completed the design.  

Credits: The Earth Builders (Contractor)