Oakland, CA





Square Footage


This 70’s era home offers uninterrupted views of the Bay, and the owners wanted to capitalize on their enjoyment of the ever-changing San Francisco skyline by updating and expanding the series of decks and reconfiguring their master suite.  Constant exposure to the elements required extensive re-design and reconstruction of a majority of the rear façade and deck structure.  Additionally the design was intended to reflect their contemporary aesthetic and therefore steel and glass were introduced into the concept. 

The wind and sun wreak havoc on this residence perched upon a ridge in the Oakland Hills, therefore the façade incorporates a hidden sun-shading system housed within the wood soffit on the third floor.  Lighting and a sound system are included in the assembly.  Given the concerns about weathering and fire, the wood used on the project is a tropical hardwood, Ipe. 

Credits: Montclair Construction (Contractor), Strandberg Engineering (Structural Engineer)